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Monday, July 2, 2012

Irish Dance Diet - Go Go Go, get that dress!

Photo: KDF dresses

I saw the dress above on KDF's facebook page and I love it.  I showed it to my husband and after his eyes bugged out at the cost, he told me that if I reach my goals, he will buy my one. How is that for motivation?

I'm happy to say that I'm finally seeing some real progress here.  It is a bit embarrassing when I look at my stats and think that I've only lost 4 pounds in thirteen weeks, but I'm only human. I guess I could be four pounds heavier after thirteen weeks, so kuddos to me. :)

So what did I do differently this week? Aside from trying hard to reign in my eating (despite a wedding and a family reunion) I have increased my physical activity. No matter what new diet comes out and claims that you can diet without counting calories, it always comes back to calories in/calories out.  So I've been doing a workout on the elliptical machine in the mornings and then a dance workout at night.  It seems to be working as long as I can control what goes in my mouth.

Calories out - calories in= weight loss.  It's that simple.

Week Thirteen

Weight lost=1 pounds
Total weight loss= 4 pounds


  1. Dang! You have got yourself a good husband there! ;) I am rooting for you. I am in the same weight-loss boat, so it's nice to read up on other people's (mis)adventures with the diet-drama . . .

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