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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Doing the Happy Dance

I can remember what it used to feel like to dance.  When I was a teenager I floated across the floor, my body thin and weightless, my legs stretching in every direction with little effort.  I guess that is the problem I have as an adult dancer-my body doesn't respond to dance the way it used to.

How unfair it seems that I work just as hard now at the dance that I love, yet my body feels like a rock that refuses to move on the dance floor.   Years of pregnancies, inactivity and accumulated weight are obstacles that loom in the way of my dancing aspirations. 

So what's a mom to do?

Aside from the obvious (lose weight, continue practicing), I've found that a positive attitude will go a long way to helping me acheive my goals in dance.   When I give myself permission to be who I am at this moment, no matter what that self may look like, I find myself dancing better.  My step is lighter and my jumps lift off the ground a bit higher.  I can't help but grin at my reflection in the mirror.  I haven't given up my pursuit of a healthier, more flexible dancing body, but in the meantime I plan on enjoying every opportunity I have to dance.

 After all, a smile stomping around the stage is more fun to watch than unhappy perfection.