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Monday, July 23, 2012

Irish Dance Diet - Do you eat in the morning or at night?

Everyone is different, some people do really well on their diets in the morning, but inhale food when the sun goes down. Others wake up starving and need the bulk of their calories at breakfast in order to make it through the day. 

This week, I tried to limit my calorie intake early in the day because I am a night time nosher. It worked pretty good.  I made sure to eat protein for breakfast and lunch to tide me over and then I had a good sized dinner. I felt more satisfied and continued to lose weight.  

Here are some ideas for you to try to see what time of day you should save those calories for. 

1-If you are a night eater, try beginning your diet day at night.  So, start counting calories right before dinner, include any night time snacks, then continue your calorie count through breakfast and lunch.  If you are normally pretty satisfied with a small lunch, you may not be as disgruntled about having a small or high veggie content lunch. This way you won't feel like you are depriving yourself. 

2-If you need a healthy breakfast to get you through the day, try pairing a carbohydrate and a protein together, a bowl of fruit and an egg, for instance.  You will get more leverage out of the calories and stay full longer. 

3-Experiment with snacks at different times of the day.  I know some people who absolutely have to have a mid-morning snack, and some who cannot make it through the dinner rush if they don't have a little something before they begin preparations. 

Knowing how your body works will go a long way to helping you be successful in your weight loss journey. 

How do you keep tabs on your body's food rhythms?  Are you a night eater or a morning eater?

*Just a note, I am so missing my Irish dance class that is on vacation for the month of July.  Anyone else relate?

Week sixteen

Weight lost= -1.0
Total weight loss= 4.4 pounds
Slow and steady wins the race!

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