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Monday, August 23, 2010

Kaylee's Choice by Rod Vick

Food to eat while reading: Delicious Dilemma Chips and Dips

What I liked:
Kaylee’s relationship with her dad is realistic. Although they have disagreements and don’t always agree, father and daughter love and sacrifice for each other. The fact that her father wanted her to take soccer because he had loved it addresses the whole "stage mother" issue that I try not to succumb to with my own children.

I also relate to Kaylee's attept at prioritizing. Daily I look at the various activities and responsiblities my children and I have taken on and try to keep them in perspective. Which is most important? Can the laundry wait until tomorrow? How can we compromise and keep everyone happy? more...

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  1. You have to prioritize no matter what stage you're at in life, or you just won't accomplish all you'd like to.

    I found you through KarenG's BBQ, went over to Dearest Dreams and discovered you're a fellow Utahn (I grew up in Salt Lake but now live in Virginia), and came over here to comment per your requirements for your "birthday" giveaway. How sweet of you to do this!


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