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Monday, September 13, 2010

John Cullinane's Complete Works

Today when I checked my mail, I had a large package containing John Cullinane's complete works on the history of Irish dance. I did an Irish jig at the mailbox. I am not kidding.

For awhile now I have been wanting to know about the real history of Irish dance. Most of Celtic history (and Ireland history) was passed down by word of mouth and there is very little written on the history of Irish dance. I have a story in my head that wants to take place during the ban in Ireland of all things cultural.  In order to make the book an historical fiction, I really need to know my stuff.  Can you see why I am so excited?

 Expect to see some reviews of Mr. Cullinane's work, which are considered to be the most comprehensive volumes written about Irish dance history, featured here in the near future,


  1. I'd really like to hear more about these! I've been looking for accurate historical facts on ID, but all I've found so far has been the occasional, brief article.

  2. Lots of fun with his books! I have them and love them, although I never have enough time to get through all of his books :-(


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