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Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Ghillie Girls: Irish Dance Pals by Heidi Will

What to eat while reading: Sugar Cookie Dolls*

*For the next few months I will be reviewing Irish dance related books, along with my usual YA reviews. To go along with the Irish books, I will be trying various Irish recipes(watch for Sugar Cookie Dolls to be posted as soon as I test it in my kitchen).

Brightly colored and easy to read, The Ghillie Girls introduces Irish dance in a fun format that will appeal to those who want to know more about Irish dance, and those who already love it.
What I liked:

The book introduces four very different girls who have one thing in common: a love for Irish dance. Heidi Will uses these girls to illustrate the terms and language that is unique to Irish dance. Vocabulary blurbs define the words that are sometimes foreign to the beginning Irish dancer. more...

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