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Monday, April 16, 2012

Irish Dance Diet - You can have your pie and eat it too

Emeril's Banana Cream pie
credit Fark.com

I have a sweet tooth and a love of all breads and pastries.  So when my husband's mother brought this amazing banana cream pie (Emeril's recipe she says) to Sunday dinner, I couldn't be stoic and pass.  But I've worked so hard, so what's a dieting girl to do?

I know from past experience that if I let myself have a treat every day that I won't reach my weight loss goals. But if I deprive myself of everything that I love, I'll cave and go on a counter productive binge!

The trick here is to keep yourself from feeling totally deprived, but remember that you are sacrificing something now for something better.

Here are some tips for resisting your trigger foods and still maintaining weight loss:

1-Ask to look at the dessert menu and oogle over the sweets.  Then hand the menu back and pop in a mint. Sometimes it's satisfying just to take a look.
2-Take one or two bites and savor them.  A little taste can go a long way.  Give the rest to a friend, or your kids, or the dog.  It will be okay.
3-Plan in advance if you really want that treat!  Eat extra vegetable soups and salads and then, by all means, eat that treat and enjoy it!
4-If it's a special occasion and you've been really good and you really want that dessert--eat it!  Then get right back on track.

I ate a small serving of that wonderful banana cream pie and I worked it into my diet plan. And I still lost!

How do you deal with cravings and your sweet tooth?

Week Two
Weight lost= 1.6 pound
Total weight loss=2.6 pounds

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