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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Irish Dance Diet - A Change of Scenery

The view from my cabin last week
photo by Christy Dorrity 

It's been a few weeks since I've posted and I think it's been good for me to think about other things besides my weight.  I find that sometimes, when I am obsessing about it, I start to sabatoge myself. 

Last week I went on a writing retreat for an entire week, by myself, in a little cabin on my parent's trout ranch and resort. My loving husband worked from home to be with the kids and let me do this wonderful thing.  I ended up writing over 25,000 words in my YA novel (about Irish dance, of course). 

You would think that sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day would kill my diet, but I actually lost 2 pounds during that week! Here's why:

1-I was distracted.
When I involve myself in things I enjoy, I don't even think about eating. 

2-Because I was excited about something, I didn't use food to fill the void of boredom or entertainment. 
I was on a sort of high from doing so much creative writing that I didn't even want to eat, let alone overeat. 

3-I wasn't in the kitchen as much. 
While I was gone I packed healthy foods to have on hand, sat down to meals at my mom's table (thanks mom), and allowed myself a small treat -the key being small. I'm trying to figure out ways to apply this to my every-day life. 

4-I made a decision not to eat while I was writing. 
Mindlessly munching on chocolate covered cinnamon bears while I'm reading or writing, or watching TV is the equivalent of smearing them onto my hips!  I don't even realize I'm eating and it's not a good idea. 

5-I was surrounded by inspiring scenery.
I felt relaxed and wanted to "drink in" all of the beauty around me. It gave me a positive boost and helped me keep perspective. 

What ways do a change of scenery help you in your goals, weight loss, or otherwise?

Weight lost= It's been a few weeks and I've lost about 3 pounds
Total weight loss= 6.5

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