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Monday, June 25, 2012

Irish Dance Diet - 3 levels of Performance

I went to a the Utah State Feis this past weekend. Even though I placed pretty well, I danced quite possibly the worst I ever have in competition.  And truthfully, the only reason I placed well was because there were only up to 3 dancers in each competition.  The "stage" was in a remote classroom, where only a handful of people came to watch. Still, that shouldn't be an excuse.  I just didn't have my game on to the point that I was performing.

There are three levels of performance:

At this stage you are worried that you might forget a step.  An observer may be able to see it in your expression as you mental calculate what comes next.

2-Self-consciousness You are worried about what you look like to others. Are my feet turned out? Does my dress flatter my figure? How do I look when I leap?

3-Performing Now you are ready. Your steps are a natural extension of your feet and you can turn inward and give the full expression of emotion and drama to your audience. This is the time to shine. Have you ever experienced the third level of performance? How did you get there?

Week Twelve

Weight lost=.8 pounds
Total weight loss= 3 pounds


  1. I had never thought of the 3 levels of performance before. I should mention that to my daughter. She is still working on making sure she remembers her steps up on stage - especially the treble jig steps. (She is a young, beginner 2 dancer.)

    1. I hope this helps your daughter. It's a marvelous feeling when you get to that third level of performance. That is when you are dancing just for you!

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