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Monday, May 14, 2012

Irish dance diet - What's your currency? Motivate yourself!

Irish dance solo dress
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I'm hitting a wall in my weight loss and it's a mental one. I can come up with excuses--being out of town, birthday parties, visiting relatives.  But in reality that is just life.  And if I want to loss weight permanently, I need some motivation!

For motivation, I've decided that because my end reward for losing 30 pounds will be an Irish dance solo dress, I will give myself $20 each time I lose one pound.  That way, I can chart my progress, reward myself along the way, and have the cash ready when I reach my ultimate goal.

So how do you motivate yourself?

1- Decide what your currency is.

What do you like for a reward?  It probably shouldn't be food related if you are trying to lose weight. If you continue to strive for your goal, reward yourself with a new book, a night out at the movies, or even simply a bubble bath.  I'm going to give myself a crisp $20 bill each time I lose a pound.

2- Create a visual reminder.

Write up what you want to accomplish or create a collage of photos that remind you of your goal.  Then put it somewhere where you will see it every day.  I am going to post a photo of a solo dress on my bathroom mirror.

3- Use the currency as an anchor.

Every time that you are tempted to slip, consciously think of the motivator.

4- Don't forget to reward yourself when you have reached your goal.

I can't wait to wear that solo dress!

Week Six

Weight lost=.3 pounds
Total weight loss=2.8 pounds


  1. What's motivating me is the idea of competing at our school feis in the Fall. It's our school's 45th anniversary and the feis' 30th. I've taken a long hiatus from the feis circuit and I'm really out of shape. But I have the determination of the tortoise of that famous fable and have a plan for the next few months. So far it's working so I'm losing about 2 lbs./week. No quick fixes this time. When I'm tempted to gobble up that slice of coconut cream pie, I think of those dancing hippos in the old Disney movie "Fantasia," and know that's not how I'll feel when I'm up on stage, under the lights, in front of the judges!

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