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Thursday, December 22, 2011

IrishCentral: Adult Irish dancer Andria Beauvais from Celtic Steps

Adult Irish dancer Andria Beauvais from Celtic Steps in Colorado

When I talk to other adult Irish dancers, I often find that they feel isolated. While you may be the only adult dancer in your area, there are thousands more who lace up their hard shoes and pound the floor with seasoned feet. If you are an adult Irish dancer (any level or age) or know of an Irish dancer that would like to be spotlighted, please send an email to christy at dorrity dot net.

Welcome to Andria Beauvais from Celtic Steps in Colorado. Thank you for taking the time to do an interview for our adult Irish dancers.  

Who began dancing first, your daughter or yourself?

My daughter actually started dancing first. We happened to go to the Colorado Springs St. Patricks day parade and saw Irish dancers there and, well, it all began that day.

How did you get started in Irish dancing?

I actually got started after my daughter had been dancing for a while. Honestly, watching her I thought this isn't that hard, I can do this. Not too long after taking classes I actually did my first feis and have been going strong since then.

As an adult do you feel encouraged and supported at Celtic Steps?
I actually get a lot of support at Celtic steps. About 5 years ago I dropped down to the age groups and had to dance with the kids. The Celtic steps family is very supportive of everyone. Even when you think you can't do it, there is some who will always say you can do it. Most of the time they are right but there are somethings that my body just won't do.

You own Sheehan’s Irish Shop. What inspired you to open an online dance store?

I opened the Irish dance store so that there was something local here in Colorado Springs so people could get shoes and supplies faster than driving 45 mins to an hour to the shops in Denver.

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What are your short and long term personal goals for Irish dancing?

Right now I'm not sure what my goals are for Irish dance are. I've been dancing for several years, first as an adult and then in the age groups. My main goal in Irish dance after I dropped down to the age groups was to make it to championship and I have reached that goal.

Will you be competing in slow speeds this coming year?

I've been dancing slow speeds for several years.  I do help with colorado springs Celtic steps adult class and I have been working with them on their slow steps and they are actually very excited about doing the slow steps.

What do you think the future looks like for adult Irish dancers?

Things have changed so much for the adult dancers over the past few year and I really hope that it continues for them. I hope that maybe some day they will bring championships back for the adults. As long as there is an interest, I think the adults will continue to keep dancing and enjoying it.

What music do you practice your Irish to?
I personally love the Top Box cd (Dean Crouch) and Kin'sha cd.  I love anything that is more up beat and fun to dance to.

Thank you Andria. Congratulations on reaching your goal of Championship level and good luck in your future dancing.

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