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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jig the movie just in time for Oireachtas

Jig the Irish dance movie

Last week I received my copy of Jig, the Irish dance documentary about the 40th World Irish Dance Championships.  I put it on in my van as I drove a group of Irish dancers to dance lessons about 40 minutes away.  

I never knew that a documentary could be so captivating, but you should have seen the looks on the kids' faces.  They were glued to the screen and let out small exclamations every few minutes as to the amazing dancers in the movie. 

One of the dancers featured in the movie used to spend 7 hours at a time practicing in his kitchen.  My car full of dancers were awed by this.  We talked about it for awhile and came up with the idea that if a dancer whose goal is to win Worlds practices 7 hours a day, couldn't a dancer with a smaller goal, say getting on the podium in prelims at a local feis would benefit from practicing even a half an hour per day?

And that's what it takes isn't it?  Especially when an event such as Oireachtas approaches, even a little bit of determination and practice goes a long way. 
What are your goals?  Are you setting benchmarks for yourself to acheive those goals?

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