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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

IrishCentral: Feispants provides a custom fit for men and boys

'Reel men wear Feispants'

This article first appeared on IrishCentral.com.

When Christine Nicholas couldn't find affordable pants that fit her Irish dancing son, she custom sewed some for him. Soon other parents at her son's dance school, Drake School of Irish Dance in Georgia, began asking Christine to sew pants for their sons. Word traveled and the demand for flat-front feis pants prompted Christine to start her own online business, Feispants.

"They look great on stage," Christine says."When a dancer is on the world stage and his pants are baggy and ill-fitting, it detracts from the whole thing."

Orange Pattern    Blue Pinstripe   Bobby Pants
*photos courtesy of www.feispants.com

The pants are made from a heavier cotton/lycra material and feature a flat front with no pockets. When dancers kick, the pants stretch. Each pair of pants is custom made to the dancer.

Christine loves seeing dancers excel in her custom made Feispants. "I don't always get to meet my clients, but it's always exciting to see someone doing well. I might say, 'my pants just recalled' or 'my pants are onstage'."

Adult dancers will be glad to know that Christine will custom make pants for men and boys.

Feispants sells custom made pants, vests and ties.  For more information, visit www.feispants.com 

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