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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Irish Dance Gear Giveaway!

This is a shout out to anyone who loves Irish dance!

When I started this site, I made a lot of friends around the world who share in my love of all things Irish dancing.  Unfortunately, because I had my blog on wordpress, I had no way of allowing those friends to follow me.  Now that I am on blogspot, you can follow my posts with Google Friend Connect.  Just click the follow button on the right and enter my giveaway through this form

I Heart That Dance and Keilys.com have teamed up to offer a great prize package- $40 worth of Irish dance gear!  The contest will run until Monday, November 8, 2010. 

Special thanks to Diddlyi.com for helping promote the contest.

Two lucky followers will win.  One will receive a $20 gift certificate to I Heart That Dance where they can purchase great accessories and custom gifts like:

Another lucky winner will receive a $20 gift certificate to Keilys.com and choose from great supplies and gifts like:

Enter the contest here.  Good luck!


  1. Hey! :) Great idea, Christy. :) I'm unable to follow your blog, due to technical problems, but I am absolutely going to come back here soon. :)

  2. Hi :) i guess we dont know each other, but i realize that you are following me on twitter, and then i go like "wow" when i saw that you are an irish dancer. Well,i'm from México & i'm 18 years old and just about 2 years I discover Irish dance, but because of school, I stopped going to my dance classes. I hope, that when I finish this coming summer my studies I might return to practice irish dance. But my fear is if I will be like too old to re-take like the little technique that i was learning.
    Well, I have never been on ballet, or on jazz academies, since I was a little girl, like a lot of dancers that i knew. I wish i had been.
    So I was asking to myself if you could give me like some tips, to make this easier for me.

  3. Thanks for commenting on my post...I live in Utah also and whenever I think of Irish dancing I remember one spring morning being at the park in Payson while my kids were playing, there was a group practicing their bagpipes on the outdoor stage and down in a section of the park covered with tall trees was a little boy dancing an Irish jig. He didn't seem to connected with the group playing...he looked like a little leprechaun dancing amongst the trees!

  4. Thanks for sharing bro and nice Irish dance shoes...!!

    Happy New Year...!!!


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