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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Mother's Addiction: A MAID is Born

This month I became a MAID (Mothers Addicted to Irish Dance). It’s not that I wasn’t already addicted to Irish dance, or that I hadn’t yet been a mother, but for the first time, one of my children began competing in Irish dance. I could be wrong, but I think it is more the norm for a MAID to begin taking lessons as a result of seeing her children dance. Not so in my case. I began dancing years ago and I have so much fun that one of my children has decided to join me.

All I can say is that you seasoned MAIDs have been holding out on the rest of us. I never thought I could be happier for someone else’s success than I am for my own.  As I sat on the edge of my seat at the Crossroads, Utah Feis (Power Academy) last Saturday, waiting for the results of the Reel Special, I was much more nervous for my son than I ever am for myself. And when they announced my son’s name to receive a trophy, I was so happy that I had to refrain from an impromptu jig!

Competing alongside my son opens up a whole new world, one filled with more joy and, yes, more stress than I would ever have experienced had I danced alone.


  1. Awesome! Way to go on the reel special!

  2. Thanks Jennifer! We are way proud of him.

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